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Electric Vehicle Charging

Important facts for electric vehicle owners and installers

Electric vehicles (also known as EV’s) are rapidly becoming popular throughout the UK. Not only are plug-in electrical vehicles practical and effective, they significantly reduce emissions and save consumers money. We have seen major changes in the EV market recently and seen that many NAPIT members are wanting to expand their knowledge in the field to become EV installers.

What is OLEV?

OLEV stands for the Office for Low Emission Vehicles and they are the team working across the Government supporting the early market adoption of ultra-low emission vehicles, which means electric cars and the chargers to assist them. OLEV are also the office responsible for introducing the Electrical Vehicle Homecharge scheme (EVHS).

Contractor & Householder information

The Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS) is a scheme set up by the Government for homeowners who own electric vehicle(s). This scheme provides a contribution of grant funding of up to 75% (up to a maximum of £500 inc. VAT) towards the cost of one EV charging point and its installation located at domestic properties. Further changes were announced in December 2018, which stated that all Government funded home charging points must use smart technology. A consultation was released on the 15th July 2019 on the proposals for the regulations for this. The proposals will mean that the specified charge points will have to be remotely accessible and capable of receiving, interpreting and reacting to a signal. To find out more about the government grant and how to apply please visit: here.

Why choose a NAPIT Registered Installer?

It is important that you get work done by competent registered tradespeople working for businesses who are committed to quality, safety and customer care. NAPIT certificated scheme members demonstrate their competence, they hold the necessary insurances and have the right processes and procedures to assure compliant and safe work. Find out more here.

Why become a NAPIT Registered EV Installer?

There is a notable market in EV charge point installations, and it is predicated to continue expanding, so why not arm yourself with this new skill and become a competent EV installer.
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