Information for Homeowners

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Finding trustworthy, reliable tradespeople can be a stressful experience. After all, no one wants to be taken for a ride by a rogue trader.

With the cost of poor installation work reaching much further than just your bank balance, it’s important to know what to look for when choosing who to trust to work in your home.

Poor installation work endangers lives

Sub-standard electrical work puts you, your family and your property at risk. It can result in electrical fires and potentially fatal electric shocks that devastate lives.

Your safety is our priority

NAPIT are committed to high standards of safety in the home. We ensure our registered installers meet strict entry requirements and are regularly assessed to ensure their ongoing competence. By choosing a NAPIT registered tradesperson, you can have the confidence and peace of mind that comes with knowing that the installer working in your home is able to comply with the relevant building regulations and industry safety standards.

Did you know there's been a change in the regulations concerning consumer units? Click here to read our short leaflet which sets out the facts for you.

Why choose a NAPIT registered installer?

NAPIT registered installers are:

  •  Able to complete work safely and to legally required standards
  •  Regularly assessed to ensure their ongoing competence
  •  Capable of working to the very latest health and safety regulations
  •  Able to provide you with the certificates you may need should you come to sell or rent your home

NAPIT full-scope electrical installers are eligible to display the Registered Competent Person Electrical Certification Mark in conjunction with the NAPIT logo, as shown below. The Mark identifies those firms recognised by government and industry as demonstrating the necessary competence to carry out electrical installation work in dwellings in England and Wales, complying with the IET Wiring Regulations and the Building Regulations (including Part P).

Registered Installers are encouraged to promote this Certification Mark to customers to improve consumer recognition, verify their competence and raise awareness of the importance of using a Competent Person.

Consumers searching for electrical installers on this website, or contacting installers who display the Certification Mark, can be assured that they are registered and fully competent, as well as providing access to Building Regulations Compliance Certification and appropriate financial protection.

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Searching for the right tradesperson couldn't be simpler!

Enter your postcode in our free, simple to use search facility and tick the type of tradesperson you are looking for. This will bring up a list of suitable installers in your local area, all of whom you can be confident are competent and capable of working to a high standard. You can even send an email directly to the company via the search facility, asking for a quote or more information.

We recommend you get at least three quotes before you choose the installer that's right for you.

Saving you time and money

NAPIT registered installers certified under a Competent Person Scheme (CPS) are able to self-certify that the work they carry out in your home, is in accordance with relevant building regulations for electrical, plumbing, heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

This means they are able to provide the compliance certificates you need when you come to sell your home, and notify the relevant authority of the work which has been completed. This can save you the time and expense you would otherwise face on the building the control fees involved in having an inspector from your local authority come to check the compliance of notifiable work.

Helping you access Government incentives

Did you know you that you can gain access to Government financial incentives such as the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), Feed-in Tariff (FiT), Energy Company Obligation (ECO), by using a NAPIT registered installer. Installers registered under our renewables and energy efficiency schemes (including the Microgeneration certification scheme) are also able to self-certify their own work, saving you and time and money.

The Feed-in-Tariff and Renewable Heat Incentive offer tariff rates that allow you to earn money for the renewable energy you generate on things like solar panels, wind turbines and biomass boilers

The Energy Company Obligation means energy suppliers are required to meet targets in the delivery of the energy efficiency measures to British homes. In practice, this means that certain households can take advantage of things like free boilers and insulation from the major suppliers.

Supporting our members to support you

You must make sure that any work carried out is completed under a written contract and notified to NAPIT by your installer. This will ensure you have access to support and guidance should anything go wrong, including mediation, a work quality guarantee (where applicable) and advice should you wish to take things further in the event of a dispute.

Work Quality Guarantee Terms & Conditions