Temporary Electrical Installations Scheme (BS 7909)

The BS 7909 Scheme membership is designed to provide access to work in the entertainment industry and similar situations where a temporary electrical supply is needed.

There are a wide range of temporary installations including public or private events, touring shows, theatrical, radio, TV or film productions and similar activities of the entertainment industry. The knowledge, understanding and competence to work in this area is specialised and unique, while overlapping that for conventional electrical installation work. It is vital to the industry to know that the electrical contractors they appoint are competent and trained in the requirements of BS 7909.

Scheme Details

Geographical Scope – United Kingdom
Approval - Carried out under NAPIT's ISO9001 Quality System

Scheme Requirements

The following general conditions must be met:

Relevant Standards - members working on temporary electrical installations should do so in accordance with the current edition of BS 7909. This standard must be held together with any relevant guidance documents listed in the Scheme Rules.

Legal Requirements - temporary electrical installations must comply with the Electricity at Work Regulations as well as other legislation including the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations. These require competence and the Person Responsible within a BS 7909 is able to demonstrate that competence.

Qualifications - for the Temporary Electrical Installations Scheme you or at least one person within your business must have completed the NAPIT training on BS 7909. There are two courses available: NA7909-3 is a full course for those starting work in this area whereas NA7909-1 is a refresher course for those already involved (and who is likely to have previously completed the Skillset Certificate in Temporary Electrical Systems (SCiTES). See the NAPIT Guide to Qualifications – Electrical for lists of suitable qualifications which can be found on the NAPIT website.

Insurance - you must hold public liability insurance specific to the temporary electrical installation work to be undertaken, to a level evaluated by a suitably informed broker/insurer and meeting your client’s requirements. NAPIT would expect a minimum of £3 million cover.

Instruments - you or your employees must have access to sufficient instruments to carry out tests specified in the Scheme Rules and BS 7909 as well as in date calibration certificates for this equipment where applicable.

Inspection - individual assessment is included at the conclusion of the NA7909 training. You will also have an initial audit of your office records and systems against the requirements of BS 7909. Surveillance for this scheme is not annual but will first be required after 2 years and, provided no problems are identified, every three years thereafter. If operatives cannot be assessed on site during surveillance they will be invited to attend an approved centre for re-assessment.

Website listing - Once successfully registered, your business will be added to the dedicated BS 7909 category of the NAPIT online search facility.


The knowledge, understanding and competence to work in this area is specialised and unique, while overlapping that for conventional electrical installation work.

If you already have EAS you will still need to complete the training and assessment described above to register for temporary electrical installation work. As a qualified electrician you may be well placed to work as a subcontractor to an organisation with BS 7909 approval. If you join the BS 7909 scheme in addition to EAS you will be eligible to have EAS scope A1.3 added to your certification.

If you are joining NAPIT purely for the BS 7909 scheme you will not be able to join EAS without achieving the qualifications required by EAS and undergoing assessment to demonstrate competence.

If you would like to discuss the scheme further with us, contact our friendly Customer Registration Department on 0345 543 0330 (Ext. 1) or email us at [email protected].

To apply for this membership scheme, simply follow the link to fill in the relevant Membership Application Form.