Information for Tenants


Take the hassle out of hiring a reliable tradesperson, with NAPIT

Finding trustworthy tradespeople is a stressful experience. After all, no one wants to be taken for a ride by a rogue trader. If you want to find the right person for the job, we're here to help.

Poor installation work endangers lives

The house you rent should be safe when you move in and maintained in a safe condition throughout the tenancy.

Whilst all properties need repairs from time to time, it is important to be aware of your Landlord's responsibilities as well as your own.

As a tenant, you are responsible for the repair or replacement of anything you have broken or damaged.

Your landlord must ensure all electrical systems (e.g. sockets, fittings and consumer units) within the property you rent are safe and that they comply with building regulations. This is required by law.

In England, Scotland and Wales, if renting in the private sector your landlord is legally required to have an Electrical Safety Report carried out by a competent and qualified electrical inspector and tester at least every 5 years. This must be given to you at the start of your tenancy. This also applies to the social rented sector in Wales. For more information about the Electrical Safety Standards that apply in England, click here. For more information about Electrical Safety regulations in Wales, click here.

Your safety is our priority

If your landlord hires a registered inspector to undertake the electrical inspection and test of your electrical installation and a registered installer to undertake any further investigation or remedial work, you can have peace of mind that the work being undertaken in your home is safe and meets legal requirements. It's therefore important to make them aware of the benefits of this choice if you have the opportunity to do so.

Why chose a NAPIT registered inspector to undertake the Electrical Inspection and Test?

Using an Electrical Inspector listed on NAPIT's Electrical Inspector Scheme gives you the confidence that the person undertaking the electrical inspection and testing of your electrical installation satisfies the ‘competent and qualified’ requirement of the Regulations and guidance in England, Scotland and Wales. Use our search facility to find one near you.

Why choose a NAPIT registered installer?

NAPIT registered installers are:

  •  Able to complete work safely and to legally required standards
  •  Regularly assessed to ensure their ongoing competence
  •  Capable of working to the very latest health and safety regulations
  •  Able to provide you with the certificates you may need should you come to sell or rent your home

Supporting our members to support you

Choosing a NAPIT registered installer gives your landlord access to support and guidance should anything go wrong, including mediation, a work quality guarantee (where applicable) and advice should further action be required.

To find an installer in your area, use our free search facility. Simply type in your postcode and contact the right installer for you today.

Free support

Advice is also available for tenants from organisations such as Shelter. You should contact them if you experience any problems during your tenancy which cannot be resolved with your landlord.