Frequently Asked Questions


Please see the following list of commonly asked questions.

What sort of complaints can NAPIT investigate?

NAPIT can investigate complaints made against NAPIT Registered Businesses and/or NAPIT Registered Tradesperson where a lack of technical competence is a concern. For example, if any work undertaken doesn't comply with Building Regulations, British Standards, MCS published standards, or has resulted in an unsafe situation. You must try and resolve the issue directly with your installer, then contact NAPIT if the situation cannot be resolved.

How do I make an official complaint about a NAPIT Registered Business or Tradesperson?

See the section of this website Complaints about Scheme Members

Will there be a site inspection?

Once we receive everything in writing we will review all the evidence. It is our policy to conduct a fair and balanced investigation, and remain impartial between parties. We may send a NAPIT inspector to assess the work, and this will be done as quickly and conveniently as possible. The installer will be invited to attend. In some cases we understand that you might not wish the installer to return to the property. In these instances the site inspection and the complaints process may be hindered. It is important to note that site inspections are not always necessary and are at the discretion of NAPIT.

What does a site inspection involve?

If we decide a site inspection is necessary, we will send one of our Inspectors to assess whether the work has been carried out in accordance with the relevant regulations and scheme requirements. The NAPIT Inspector will observe and gather evidence, but will not alter, repair or adjust any equipment. Inspections do not constitute a safety check or service, and/or nullify the need for such. NAPIT may need to clarify some issues with the installer and will issue a findings report to both you and the installer.

What happens after the site inspection?

If the site inspection identifies the installer is at fault, they must propose a suitable resolution to your complaint that addresses NAPIT's findings and is satisfactory to you. Once agreed, you can expect that any necessary rectification work should be done without further charge, providing it was included in the original contract of work. If the rectification work is not done satisfactorily or no resolution was agreed, the installer may jeopardise their NAPIT certification. We will require evidence that rectification work was satisfactory and this may in some circumstances involve a follow-up inspection.

What if I don't want the installer back to carry out the rectification work?

NAPIT can only require the Scheme Member to make an installation compliant at their expense. If the householder will not allow them back to put the work right, NAPIT's involvement in the matter can go no further, except for any action we may take against the Registrant if there are issues of safety or noncompliance with Regulations. If you accept an offer that the installer themselves makes to pay for another party to rectify work, or to pay compensation to you, we would accept that as a resolution to the complaint.

Will NAPIT compensate the householder?

NAPIT will not compensate or reimburse monies in regard to non-compliant work.

How do I give positive feedback about a NAPIT member?

NAPIT welcome feedback about members and you can submit your comments using our feedback form.