Route to Membership

Route to Membership

Gain the qualifications and experience you need to join NAPIT

In order to become a member of any NAPIT scheme, you need to be able to demonstrate that you are competent to carry out the types of work that they cover.

To verify your competence, we need to ensure you have the right qualifications and experience to work safely, in compliance with Building Regulations and other legal requirements. If you already think you meet the requirements for a particular scheme, visit the How to Join page to get started with the application process.

To get started on your route to membership, simply follow the guidance below to find out how you can gain the skills to join the professionals.

NAPIT Training offers a wide range of courses to help you gain new skills and demonstrate some of the competencies required to join NAPIT membership schemes. To view our full list of courses, visit the NAPIT Training Website. If you are looking to undertake training in order to satisfy certain membership scheme entry criteria, be sure to contact the NAPIT Sales Team to find out which courses are appropriate for you.

For more information or to book your place on an upcoming course, visit the NAPIT Training Website
or call 0345 543 0330.

We know that some of those who chose to apply for NAPIT membership may already have gained years of experience. We don’t disregard this time-served skill and knowledge and those who are able to demonstrate sufficient experience may be able to opt for our experience based routes to membership, which are available for certain schemes. Further information on these routes can be found in the NAPIT Registration Guides to Qualification Requirements which will be available when you download the application form relevant to the scheme you wish to apply for.

The Experienced Worker Route is not applicable to all NAPIT membership schemes. To see whether it is available for the scheme you wish to apply for, please contact the NAPIT Sales Team.

Finding an apprenticeship in order to gain the experience you need to work competently can be challenging. That's why NAPIT operate the Apprenticeship and Work Experience Scheme (AWES). We can match you up with competent, registered electricians in your local area who volunteer under the scheme so that you can develop your skills and work towards NAPIT membership.

For more information on the Apprenticeship and Work Experience Scheme, please contact the NAPIT Sales Team.