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Take the hassle out of hiring a reliable tradesperson, with NAPIT

Finding trustworthy tradespeople is a stressful experience. After all, no one wants to be taken for a ride by a rogue trader. If you want to find the right person for the job, we are here to help.

Poor installation work endangers lives.

We know the safety of tenants is your top priority. Sub-standard work not only risks the integrity of your property and puts your tenants in danger, but as the Landlord you could receive fines of up to £30,000 if the electrical safety standards of your property are not met.

What the regulations say:


Private Landlords must ensure every electrical installation in their residential premises is inspected and tested at intervals of no more than 5 years by a qualified and competent person.

In England, Under The Electrical Safety Standards in the Private Rented Sector (England) Regulations 2020, landlords are required to have the electrical installations in their properties inspected and tested, at least every five years, by a person who is qualified and competent. This applies to new tenancies from the 1st July 2020 and to all other tenancies from the 1st April 2021. For detailed Guidance on these Regulations, please click here.


Housing (Scotland) Act 2006. Since the 1st December 2015, private landlords are responsible for ensuring that an electrical safety inspection with a Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) of their property to be carried out by a registered electrician at least every five years. This covers any installations in the property for the supply of electricity, electrical fixtures and fittings and any appliances provided by the landlord under the tenancy.


In Wales, Landlords responsibilities are covered under the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985, which states: “Landlords are required to keep in repair and proper working order the installations in the dwelling-house for the supply of water, gas and electricity.” The Housing (Wales) Act 2014 requires Landlords or their letting agents to be registered with RentSmart Wales by November 2016. Best practice guidance in the RentSmart Code of Practice states: “A check on the electrical installation should be carried out at least once every 5 years by a competent electrician, and the results should be recorded in the form of an EICR.”

Why chose a NAPIT registered inspector to undertake the Electrical Inspection and Test?

Using an Electrical Inspector listed on NAPIT's Electrical Inspector Scheme gives you the confidence that the person undertaking the electrical inspection and testing of your electrical installation satisfies the ‘competent and qualified’ requirement of the Regulations in England, Scotland and Wales. Use our search facility to find one near you.

Why chose a NAPIT registered installer?

NAPIT registered installers are:

  •  Able to complete work safely and to legally required standards
  •  Regularly assessed to ensure their ongoing competence
  •  Capable of working to the very latest health and safety regulations
  •  Able to provide you with the necessary certificates to demonstrate the regulatory compliance of the work they do. These certificates may be requested by tenants, insurance providers and solicitors and may be needed if you are looking to let or come to sell your property.

Worried about the cost?

Using a NAPIT registered installer can save you time and money by helping you avoid building control fees. They are able to provide the certificates you may need when you come to sell your home, and notify the relevant authority too.

Helping you access Government incentives

Did you know you that you can gain access to Government financial incentives such as the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), Smart Export Guarantee (SEG), Energy Company Obligation (ECO), by using a NAPIT registered installer. Installers registered under our renewables and energy efficiency measures (the Microgeneration and EEM certification schemes) are also able to self-certify their own work, saving you and time and money.

Supporting our members to support you

Choosing a qualified NAPIT registered electrical inspector will ensure you meet your requirements of using a qualified and competent person under the Electrical Safety Regulations. NAPIT members are regularly assessed onsite to assure their competence and can provide the necessary Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) and certificates you need to demonstrate your compliance. As an EICR can be quite lengthy and technical, NAPIT have created a “Landlord Electrical Installation Safety Record”. This record is used by our members to confirm either a satisfactory EICR has been completed or confirms the required improvement work has been completed following the issuing of an unsatisfactory EICR. This one page ‘highlight’ report could then be used to issue to tenants to demonstrate compliance with the regulations and will be a lot easier to understand. You can also get peace of mind when using a NAPIT Registered Installer to undertake any remedial or further investigation work as our Work Quality Guarentee will apply to notifiable work should the installer cease trading (Terms and Conditions Apply). You must make sure that any work carried out is completed under a written contract and notified to NAPIT.

To find an installer qualified to carry out electrical safety checks for rented properties use our free search facility. Simply type in your postcode and to find an installer near you today.