Green Deal Assessor Scheme (GDA)

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Quality assurance for a wide range of renewables and energy efficiency measures to grant your customers access to Green Deal incentives

Green Deal is the Governments flagship policy to improve the energy efficiency of the UK housing stock. It allows householders to avoid some of the upfront costs associated with energy saving home improvements, allowing them to pay back these costs through savings made on their energy bill.

Green Deal Assessor Organisations Scheme (GDAO)

This membership option will allow you as a sole trader or company with the relevant qualifications, to become an Assessor Organisation under the Green Deal, allowing you to employ or subcontract one or more Green Deal Advisors (GDA). Green Deal Advisors compile Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) as well as reports on the energy consumption habits of householders to assess a property's energy consumption (occupancy assessment). They then use the information gathered to compile a Green Deal Advice Report. Green Deal Advisors are therefore also qualified Energy Assessors. The reports they compile are used to assess whether a property meets the 'Golden Rule', a simple calculation to determine whether energy efficiency improvements will save more than they cost to repay. As a Green Deal Assessor Organisation you will play a key role in granting the consumer access to incentives on offer under the Green Deal and the Energy Company Obligation (ECO).

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Scheme Details

Geographical Scope – Great Britain
Approval - UKAS accredited

Scheme Requirements

The following general conditions must be met:

Relevant Standards - Specification for organisations providing the Green Deal Advice Service and the Green Deal Code of Practice.

Legal Requirements- Green Deal certification for Assessor Organisations is covered by the Green Deal Framework Regulations.

Insurance- Organisations shall ensure that they have insurance arrangements to cover liability for the entirety of the service undertaken. Organisations shall ensure any policy is issued by an insurer included on the Financial Services Authority (FSA) register as 'Authorised','EEA Authorised' or 'Appointed Representative' and provide the Certification Body with certificates of insurance at the initial certification, surveillance audit and on renewal of any insurance policy.

Inspection– Green Deal Advisors employed or subcontracted or subcontracted by Assessor Organisations must also be qualified Energy Assessors, registered in accordance with the requirements in place (separate requirements exist for England/Wales and Scotland).

Ongoing certification involves the activities defined in the Specification for Certification Bodies, these activities include:

  • Audit of an annual report to be submitted to NAPIT
  • Audit of two per cent of Green Deal Advice Reports (minimum of one per quarter for domestic work)
  • Witnessed assessments for a sample of the employed or subcontracted or subcontracted Green Deal Advisors within the Assessor Organisation (based on a square root of the total employed or subcontracted or subcontracted)
  • A full recertification will be required after five years.

Website Listing - Once successfully certified, your business will be added to Participant Register of the Green Deal Oversight and Registration Body and the NAPIT online search facility.

If you would like to discuss the scheme further with us, contact our friendly Customer Registration Department on 0345 543 0330 (Ext. 1) or email us at

To apply for this membership scheme, simply follow the link to fill in the relevant Membership Application Form