The NAPIT Group are pleased with the new appointment of Lord Young as the Health and Safety Advisor to the Prime Minister.

The Chief Executive of The NAPIT Group, John Andrews says: “Lord Young’s appointment should bring a dose of common sense to the application of Health and Safety legislation with his ‘solutions not problems’ approach and his depth of experience in both politics and the business world”

Andrews went on to say: “It is often not the actual statutory requirements that are at fault but the panicky application of them by bureaucrats who are terrified of litigation in today’s compensation culture and we welcome Lords Young’s statement of; “We need a system that is proportionate and not bureaucratic.” He continues: “This is exactly what businesses need, a common sense approach to what is a very important discipline, with application proportional to risk but without exposing either the workforce or the public to unnecessary risk of injury. Many of our members are quite small businesses and over bureaucratic application of Health and Safety is a very real concern and a significant business burden”

Lord Young will look to reduce the number of health and safety processes and costs that businesses have to face and will report back with his recommendations to the Prime Minister in the autumn.