Survey Finds Membership of a Trusted Organisation Tops Price

More than half of British householders say a clearly displayed certification mark from a trusted organisation is now more important than price when it comes to choosing a tradesperson.

Commissioned by the Energy Saving Trust, the online survey of more than 2,000 people in England, Scotland and Wales also found that most consumers (58 per cent) were likely to trust and hire small, local firms.

Commenting on these findings, NAPIT Director of Standards, David Cowburn, said: “Really it’s no surprise that consumers favour tradespeople who can demonstrate membership of a trustworthy organisation. Membership scheme providers like NAPIT ensure their members meet strict qualification requirements and are regularly assessed to ensure their ongoing competence – so consumers are right to be reassured. It’s encouraging to see that there are a lot of savvy consumers out there who recognise that going for the cheapest deal can often be false economy.”

Continuing: “Consumers cannot take advantage of the Green Deal without hiring a tradesperson certified by one of 16 organisations, of which NAPIT is one of the largest. They will also be unable to make the most of additional Government incentives such as the Feed-in Tariff without using an MCS certified installer. But, across the board, from renewable technology installers to electricians and plumbers, it’s great to see that many consumers are adopting a sensible approach and hiring a trustworthy tradesperson.”

You can search for a competent, NAPIT registered installer online at: Companies and sole traders looking to join should contact the friendly NAPIT Sales Team on: 0845 543 0330 or visit: for more information.