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NAPIT'S top tips on making the most of social media

Let's Talk Business: NAPIT's Top Tips on Making the Most of Social Media

Social media has elevated over the years to become one of the most popular and powerful marketing tools and helps to grow the influence of millions of brands and businesses each day.

It is also proven to be a cost-effective tactic for marketing with a professional, and personal face for your business. Social media has become a significant part of professional people’s working lives.

Acknowledging the most common errors from business social media users is highly significant as a way of getting your foot in the door to promote your business to the best possible standards.

Many business social media users have little time to plan effectively for what needs to be promoted or don’t have a strategic plan to draw in their target market.

Social media is frequently increasing according to Think Digital First, the United Kingdom has a population of 64.1 million and 89% of this are active internet users, whilst 38 million people actively use social media and a further 50% of the total population use their mobiles to access social media. These statistics go to show how social media can work to get your message across and help build an online community.

However, there is one key to strategically succeed and maintain your presence, choosing the right social media platform. There are many different options and each platform offers its own advantages and drawbacks. So, by weighing up the pros and cons of the most popular social media networks it may help you to select the perfect one(s) for you and your business.


Pros- With many years under its belt and with it being the leading social media site of them all, this platform is a great place to advertise your business and interact with clients. As one of the most effective and popular angles of social media marketing, you can use Facebook to help craft a dialogue between your brand and audience.

Create your network as a place where you can invite your audience to various help and support, along with giving them content that they would want to see. You can easily create a business profile free of charge.

Cons- Facebook may be difficult to maintain as it can be time consuming and care must be taken to manage customer expectations, as with any other social media platform.

Top tip -

Don’t try to aim and sell too hard on Facebook, people aren’t generally looking for that kind of content on a relaxed social platform that many use for leisure. Post photos and videos to your timeline, keeping it brief is keeping it casual. Make sure to monitor all your chosen platforms and respond to any comments that you may receive.


Pros- Allows you to share snippets of information for a more fun way of interacting with clients. Post pictures of your work along with your comments to highlight your competence.

Cons- Twitter does have a slight down side as you are limited to how much you can write, with 140 characters being the maximum. So, you must choose your words carefully...

Top Tip-

Tweet daily – maintain your target market’s interest but don’t overload their newsfeed. Don’t miss out on traffic, be sure to schedule posts evenly throughout the day. Hashtag key words to get your tweets noticed.


Pros- If you are looking to network and promote at a more professional and formal level, LinkedIn may be the right platform for you. It can help you to build professional relationships and collaborations within your field of work. And can also be a valuable way to look and recruit new staff.

Cons- Something that you may want to think about and consider before creating an account on LinkedIn is that there is generally far less interaction on this platform than on other social media sites.

Top tip-

Be active in conversation from the links you may post to LinkedIn, convert your business to be part of a community, ask questions relevant to your field and reply to questions from others.


Pros- Filming a short video of a successful job on your smart phone and posting it on YouTube lets customers see your expertise and has the potential to attract new business leads.

Cons- Videos need to be of good quality, which can be time consuming when it comes to picture and sound editing.

Top tip-

Create content that will be relevant to your target markets needs and interests. Create videos that will be helpful and valuable to the audience. Create a Q&A video for the most frequently asked questions for example.


Pros- This photo site has become far more widely used over the past few years. It allows you to share your pictures of work with people you know and uses hashtags to track conversations on platforms like Twitter.

Cons- If you don’t have the passion to share pictures, or you don’t believe that it has got the right relevance to your business, then this app probably isn’t for you. Do note that it is mostly used for mobile sharing.

Top tip-

Like Twitter, create your hashtags around key words and build a community of images under one keyword, the keyword could be the name of your business for example. Show behind the scenes images of your business, and generally just try to think of unique and fun ideas to stand out from the crowd.

Whichever sites you choose to use, the following tips and advice will help to assist you in creating a positive, effective representation for your business.

Remember to:

Unify the brand

Use your company logo across each account and apply a colour scheme across all your profiles.

Be visual

Adding images or videos to a post on social media draws your customer’s eye and makes them more likely to read the content.

Do your research

Know your audience.

Working professionals will be online in the evenings after work – so maybe this is the best time to target messages to them.

Manage and schedule

Buffer and Hootsuite can be efficient, cost effective ways of managing your social media activity.


Identify what you can offer and use it to create interesting, entertaining and helpful content to engage with your audience, don’t oversell.

Article Published: 12 April 2017

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